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We solve problems through advanced software solutions that are designed around your requirements, effective, scalable, and easy-to-use.


At Virtual Atlantic, our in-house IT veterans take a hands-on approach that focuses on solving a problem to achieve your desired goal. Every project at Virtual Atlantic starts with our team helping to establish and define your mission. Since your solution may cross over several key services, we will assemble a dedicated team to get your project off the ground and on its way to success. Once your project is completed, we will engage your team and move you over to our Team360 support where the knowledge and know-how gained during the development of your project is retained moving forward.

If you are looking for our turnkey and 100% customizable solutions, click to check out our products.

Strategy ConsultingLet’s partner together to conquer your goals

Application Design & DevelopmentApplications that fit the uniqueness of your organization

Website Design & DevelopmentVisual identities envied by your rivals

Team 360Your own dedicated, transparent, and experienced team

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