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VA's innovative development approach solves our clients' complex business challenges using a strategic process that starts with a diverse team of experts, idea collaboration, and human-focused methodologies.

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Innovative Business Products

VA's business products generally fall under one of three categories:

Program Management Products

Products that support various business functions across the enterprise.


System Integration Products

Products that integrate multiple data sources into a cohesive unit in order to support business functions.


Business Process Automation Products

Products designed to automate business processes, dramatically increasing efficiencies.

The Process

The Process

Define Custom Product Development begins with a thorough analysis of the problem, project goals and requirements, and success metrics.

Plan Planning is a collaborative process between VA and our client, and often involves researching user needs, behavior, and motivations.

Design Designing the product involves building process flows, specifying the core details of each module of the app, and wireframe prototyping.

Build Development is typically completed on a per-module basis, and then shared with stakeholders and users in order to gather feedback.


Test Testing occurs regularly and on a per-module basis. A wide range of testing methodologies may be used to ensure a quality product and optimum user experience.

Iterate Depending on what’s found in testing, VA iterates and builds upon previous versions until requirements are met and the client has given final approval.

Deploy Deployment beings with the migration of the beta application to the live server.

Maintain Maintenance begins with careful monitoring of the live application.

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