Custom Product Innovation

VA uses a variety of tactics in our Product Innovation process to take your ideas from whiteboard to function.


Custom Product Innovation

Solely Innovating Products Won’t Garner a Successful Outcome

VA’s strategy is about driving action and creating a clear direction to the end goal. We choose to innovate our business model, ensuring we stay on top of rapid technology changes and continuously offering our clients the most expertise in any given product. For this purpose, we explore unconventional skill domains, hiring experts in a particular field to offer our clients a real-world, user-defined approach to creating a valuable product.

Product Strategy

VA never takes one path to a resolution; instead, we apply the best strategy to solve the problem at hand. We implement strategic user-centered methodologies to help generate a vision, identify your ideas, and transform those ideas into action.

User-Centered Research

User Personas

Scenario Building

User Definitions


Journey Mapping

Roadmap Recommendation


Information Architecture


UI/UX Design

Usability Testing

Responsive Architecture


Product Design

Designing the right interface is a critical step in the product development process. An interface that is attractive and intuitive provides a positive user experience, delivers value to the end-user, and significantly impacts the longevity of the product. VA uses the Stanford 5-Stage Design Thinking Model for product design projects. This methodology approaches complex problem solving in a human-centered fashion, ensuring that products are planned, conceptualized, and designed in a collaborative and hands-on manner.

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