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Team360 Enterprise is an essential component of your IT strategy. Partenering with VA ensures that your software is managed, maintained, and supported in the most proficient and expeditious fashion, its day-to-day operations are smooth, and it stays current with the latest technologies.

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Team 360

The plan's 360o view includes a dedicated on-call service team staffed with UI/UX and engineering experts, periodic strategy consulting calls, discounts on modules to be added or related technology updates, and the security of knowing that your software is maintained by a team with the most intimate and in-depth knowledge of your code and technology goals.


Expedited Service
The Retainer

Expedited Service
The Retainer

You get on-call access to a dedicated team of developers and support technologists who know your product and business. Accessed directly by you or your staff—or by calling your Account Representative—the team ensures that a comprehensive understanding of your product, organization, and business environment is achieved and maintained.

Discounted Hourly Cost
The Code Library
Discounted Hourly Cost
The Code Library

Not all code is created equal. We have developed our own unique coding standards, design patterns, and techniques that combine the industry’s best practices to create truly elegant software.

Discounted Services, Software, and Upgrades
Concierge Service
Concierge Service
Concierge Service

As the advancement of technology continues to accelerate, managing the details of a project can be overwhelming. If you’d rather not get wrapped up in those details, Team360 Enterprise will take care of it.

Rolling Hours
Built-In SLA

Rolling Hours
Built-In SLA

Team360 Enterprise includes a built-in Service Level Agreement (SLA) that has been designed to ensure the performance critical to on-demand, essential financial and customer services activities. The plan specifies both a system availability minimum level (e.g. 99.99% uptime) and a team responsiveness time (e.g. 2 hours). There are 3 tiers of service available, and VA will help you select the one that is most appropriate for your situation.


Monthly Support Hours Team360 Enterprise includes a set number of hours available to you each month. You determine the number of hours that will make the greatest impact and your dedicated team will accomplish the tasks s they arise.

Rolling Hours Team360 Enterprise plans include a set amount of hours available to you each month. The hours roll over from month-to-month, ensuring that your overall cost is contained and that resources are there when you need them.

Expedited Service Occasionally, you need something in a hurry. Perhaps you have a small piece of functionality that needs to be added or maybe you’ve found a bug that needs to be smashed. As a subscriber to team360 enterprise, your issue resolution is our top priority.


Discounted Hourly Cost Under the six month or one year plans, hourly costs of Team360 Enterprise are progressively less the longer the contract. These discounts can often result in savings which more than pay for the technology updates and/or upgrades added.

Discounted Services and Upgrades Team360 Enterprise brings immediate access to the full-spectrum of product design, development, and maintenance services on retainer. With discount on hourly rates, software modules, and technology refreshes, you will always have access to specialists who are familiar with your business, systems, and competitive environment.

Choose Your Service Level

Team360 Enterprise


$1500/ M

  • $1500 Retainer per month
  • Minimum 5 support hours per month
  • Targeted resolution time - 8 hrs
Team360 Enterprise


$2500/ M

  • $2500 Retainer per month
  • Minimum 50 support hours per month
  • Targeted resolution time - 2 hrs

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Silver – $1500 retainer per month | Minimum 5 support hours | 8hrs targeted resolution time.

Gold – $2000 retainer per month | Minimum 20 support hours | 4hrs targeted resolution time.

Platinum – $2500 retainer per month | Minimum 50 support hours | 2hrs targeted resolution time.

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