Strategy Consulting

When it comes to navigating an uncharted territory, it helps to be led by a career guide.

As the internet continues to mature, it’s in a constant state of transformation. Popular web services come and go, changes in the economy affect consumer purchasing patterns, and new devices arrive on stage, changing how we create, consume and otherwise interact with technology and machines. The breadth and depth of strategies for achieving success has never been more complicated than they are today.

VA begins by identifying the problem(s) at hand, conducting research and evaluations, and outlining strategic plans aimed at improving the overall experience. Research and evaluation may take the form of any number of techniques, such as having the system examined by an industry expert, usability tests, statistical analysis, online surveys, and interviews with users. A thorough examination of the problem lends greater credence to the strategic plan that is employed.

There isn’t a single path that every company must follow to be successful in a world where connectivity is ubiquitous, communication is instant, and information is consumed quickly in bite-sized chunks. We’re here to help you sort it all out, and to deliver measurable results that can help achieve your business goals and easily set your organization apart your peers.

Advisory skills

VA understands that not every client has a diverse technical team within their organization to make suggestions for business, process, or infrastructure improvements. VA has a wealth of experience in many industries which allows us to advise our clients on the types of solutions and products that will best meet their business goals. Our team can assess your technical environment, any current issues and impediments, and conduct a cost analysis to provide recommendations for short and long term technical improvements.

Technical skills

VA has experience developing some of the most robust and comprehensive solutions imaginable which makes us experts in a vast array of technologies. Whether you prefer an Enterprise solution using Microsoft technologies or your needs are LAMP based or you desire a front-end solution using the latest HTML and CSS, we have an in-house team of experts who can fulfill your needs. And because we don’t outsource our development, you’re guaranteed a project team that is fully engaged and invested in your project and cares about the outcome because it increases the chances of them getting to work with you again.

Business skills

VA helps our clients make better technical decisions because we dive deep into your day-to-day business processes. We evaluate your internal systems, business functions, and methodologies to help you make an informed technical plan that will positively impact the ways in which you conduct your operations. Our vast experience working within many verticals helps us understand the technical challenges and deficiencies you face and allows us to make recommendations for improvement to help your business run smoother, smarter, and more efficiently.
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