Jetpack - Enterprise Accreditation Management

With Jetpack solution, you can hover around the accreditation process in the most streamlined and comprehensive point-of-view.
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Our Jetpack Accreditation Management solution automates the accreditation process and easily integrates with our Bungee Enterprise Survey System to maximize collection of pertinent data.

Designed by leading institutional research professionals, our Accreditation Management Software is a widely trusted solution that provides an all-inclusive and scalable platform that automates the accreditation process, self-studies, assessment, benchmarking tools, and document management, while easily integrating with our Enterprise Survey Management Software (or other 3rd party tools) to maximize collection of pertinent data for a more comprehensive, secure, and seamless accreditation process.

Core Features

Responsive Architecture Fully accessible from popular devices and operating systems.

Information Management Colleges/Schools can easily input, update, and upload information on an ongoing basis.

Bungee Integration Easily integrate with Bungee to readily access your organization’s data and surveys.

Data Management Prepare, post, import and export current and longitudinal data received from surveys.

Dynamic Reporting College/School users can produce and save graphical data reports.

Select/Deselect Easily select or deselect documents, text, reports, and data.

Self-Study Management Create and import faculty profiles and incorporate data in a self-study.

Benchmark Reporting Filter data and run descriptive statistics for benchmark reports of institution, peer, and national data.

Self-Study Report
Management Create, update, and submit online self-study reports and other custom accreditation reports with controlled access.

Access Management Set up and manage appropriate access hierarchy for each institution. Keep a record of every organization that you accredit or have a relationship with, including key contacts, accreditation history, custom fields, and much more.

Self-Study Import Map legacy data to the online system.

User Management

Configure and manage users of all types

  • Web Access: Responsive, web-based system that will allow users to login from any type of device using a web browser.
  • User Access Management: Create, modify, activate, deactivate users in the system
  • Role-Based Permission Management: Dynamically govern access to all sections within the system.
  • Template Management: Create and modify self-study templates on an ongoing basis


Data Management

Manage the ways in which data is handled within the system

  • Data Archive: Archive all previous data within a centralized database
  • Data Port: Port existing self-study data into email templates
  • Data Import/Export: Create custom imports/exports to a variety of formats including Excel, Word, PDF, etc., as well as media playback, graphics, and other documents
  • Report Data Flexibility: Connect historical report data by pulling data from old reports into new reports within the VA Survey System
  • Self-Study Data Flexibility: Port and modify existing self-study reports into new self-study reports Reference
  • Documentation: Provide team members with procedure manuals, best practices, and other reference material: it’s all integrated directly into the accreditation process.
  • Data Reconciliation: Data will be centralized and integrated within Bungee in a manner that prevents redundancy
Print-Friendly: A print-friendly button allows any information in the system to be printed

Assessment Management

Run the organization and programs you accredit through processes that you define and build to keep them on track.

  • Self-Study Tracking: View the status of a self-study by each school
  • Strategic Assessment: Users can enter critical issues with subsections of strategic directions and map against those elements


Document Management

  • Document Generation: Generate custom, data-driven documents from visit reports to accreditation letters.

Advanced Security

Feel confident that data will be kept secure.

  • Standard Password Policies: 2048-bit SSL
  • Password Protection: Custom written MD5 one-way encryption
  • Secure Database Storage: Custom two-way DES encryption with project-unique keys
  • HTTPS protocol: Web traffic and connection to 3rd parties are forced to use HTTPS protocol
  • Remote Desktop Connection: SQL enabled via SSH tunnel. Strict SSH connection source IP policy
  • Updates: Regular Windows/SQL/Antivirus updates/patch releases
  • Scheduled Backups: Database and disk structure stored within the data network



Custom and configurable features require setup by Virtual Atlantic's development team.

Custom Automation

Let our system handle your day-to-day tasks.

  • Document Generation: Generate custom, data-driven documents from visit reports to accreditation letters.
  • Admin Dashboard: See which assessments are active, which organizations need action, and what auditors are up to.
  • Calculated Fields: Include calculated fields directly on assessments.


Custom Data Services & Reporting

Harness—and leverage—the power of data.

  • Data Imports: Import your data into our system.
  • Data Visualization: We’ll create best-of-breed dashboards for you that give critical, actionable information on the status of your team’s assessments.
  • Data Entries: Multiple data entries for a record.
  • Reports: Create custom reports to meet your needs, including non-conformance, certificates, leave-behinds, and more.


Deployment & Integration Options

Everything you need to get Jetpack up and running.

  • Hosted
  • On-Site
  • Integrate with Your Existing Platform: We can integrate with dozens of third party platforms, including: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, QuickBooks, Salesforce, custom-built software, and other common association management systems.

Customer Support

Get help when you need it.

  • Team 360: Continual access to a team of industry veterans including in subscription.
  • Email: Email support is available 24/7.
  • Phone: Phone support is available during regular business hours, for an additional cost.


Flexible setups to fit your budget and hosting needs.

  • Subscription: Includes updates for the duration of the subscription.

Product Training

Our software is easy to use, and we can assist you in setting it up in line with our best practices.

  • On-Site
  • Remote via Go To Meeting
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