Jetpack AMS: Enterprise Accreditation and Assessment Management Platform

Built specifically for managing accreditation, assessment, and compliance by accrediting professionals. Whether you're an agency accrediting institutions or programs or an entity maintaining your accreditation, Jetpack has you covered. Jetpack AMS is the only turnkey solution available that can be 100% configured to your accreditation process, giving you the power to retain your accreditation identity.

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Jetpack's cutting-edge automation is paramount for accreditors

Achieving accreditation status is of utmost importance to those programs and institutions seeking it. It is equally important for accreditors to provide a centralized technology platform that can collect data and facilitate the approval process with speed and accuracy. Jetpack’s groundbreaking technology allows accrediting bodies in every industry to simplify and revolutionize their accreditation management activities. If you’re managing your accreditation process using outdated software, binders, spreadsheets, or Google docs to collect information, you’re not alone. You also know those rudimentary methods are not sustainable and are limiting your effectiveness and wasting valuable time.

Jetpack is designed to ease the administrative process for accreditors by utilizing intuitive workflows and full automation of every aspect of your accreditation procedures, from initial evaluation to re-accreditation. Jetpack not only provides automation of data and reporting and efficient communications, but it also allows for extensive integration with 3rd party systems, delivering the connectivity and scalability that are essential to meeting accreditation process best practices.

Security. Availability. Integrity. Control. That’s Jetpack.

Jetpack Life Cycle
Jetpack Implementation Lifecycle

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Jetpack is the ideal solution for Institutional and Programmatic accreditors

Institutional Accreditation (National/Regional/International)

Institutional accreditation evaluates the entire educational institution and is an important first step to achieving programmatic accreditation. Regional, National, and International Accreditors alike benefit from Jetpack’s ability to streamline and simplify accreditation activities, allowing accreditors to focus on what’s most important: ensuring institutions are meeting standards and delivering a valuable, quality education as evidenced by a graduate’s real-world achievement. Jetpack allows accreditors to continuously monitor an institution’s success through system communication, surveys, and extensive reporting capabilities.

Programmatic/Specialized Accreditation  

Programmatic or specialized accreditation evaluates individual units, programs, or disciplines within a larger institution. Programmatic accreditation is often required for health science and other professional fields that demand an advanced degree. Jetpack is designed to efficiently manage the programmatic accreditation workflow: pre-application, application, self-assessment, application/document review/submission, site visit, recommendations, accreditation decision, and re-accreditation, aiding in the evaluation of programs to ensure a continuous commitment to quality and improvement of specialized programs.

Jetpack is being used by numerous accreditors to manage the entire accreditation lifecycle, bringing usability, stability, and modernization to an arduous process. Whether your accreditation focus is Institutional or Programmatic and within healthcare, business, K-12 education, and beyond, the requirements are the same: the institutions or programs you accredit must have a successful assessment initiative to measure student outcomes and an efficient platform that allows the management of the key components of the accreditation process. Jetpack continues to be the go-to solution to solve the unique challenges that plague accreditors; always delivering the power and flexibility paramount to accreditation success.

Virtual Atlantic Clients
Virtual Atlantic Clients
Virtual Atlantic Clients
Virtual Atlantic Clients
Virtual Atlantic Clients
Virtual Atlantic Clients
Transforming the Product Not the Process

No two accrediting processes are the same. While most software requires you to change how your accreditation process works to adapt to the confines of its architecture, VA’s Jetpack solution is the exact opposite. You’ll never have to sacrifice your process or data to achieve your end goal. Jetpack was developed explicitly for accreditors in order to streamline and simplify the accreditation process.

The Building Blocks of Accreditation Software

Jetpack is modularly constructed as a series of building blocks on a firm foundation, allowing you to change all the doors, windows, and rooms in whatever configuration you want while the foundation remains rock solid. Jetpack can be configured in any way possible without breaking or destroying its core functionality, whether those configurations come at the beginning of implementation or as upgrades, enhancements, or VA’s future releases.

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Continually Anticipating Accreditation Needs

Working with accreditors and learning their individual processes has given us a leg-up in the software game and driven us to create the most intuitive accreditation management system on the market. With each implementation we add new features and consistently upgrade our clients, at no additional cost. Your installation of Jetpack will always be the latest, greatest version and will include functionality that you didn’t know you needed but are so glad is there.

Dedicated Support the Way You Need It

You need product support that not only handles bug fixes and updates, but operates as your extended technical team, mentoring and coaching you on how best to utilize the Jetpack software for your accreditation process. We offer the kind of support that makes an impact: knowledgeable, reliable, and steadfast in our commitment to you, your organization, and your accreditation process.

An Inclusive and Scalable Platform

100% Configurable Jetpack adapts to any accreditation process

Built solely for accreditation A solution that doesn’t masquerade as something it’s not. Built to streamline and manage all aspects of accreditation

Direct submissions Automated self-study reports and interim/annual reporting

Responsive Architecture Fully accessible from popular devices and operating systems.

Information Management Organizations/Institutions can easily input, update, and upload information on an ongoing basis.

Bungee Integration Easily integrate with Bungee to readily access your organization’s data and surveys.

Dynamic Reporting College/School users can produce and save graphical data reports.

Self-Study Management Build, create, manage, edit all aspects of a self-study on an ongoing basis.

Benchmark Reporting Filter data and run descriptive statistics for benchmark reports of institution, peer, and national data.

Self-Study Report
Management Create, update, and submit online self-study reports and other custom accreditation reports with controlled access.

Access Management Set up and manage appropriate access hierarchy for each institution. Keep a record of every organization that you accredit or have a relationship with, including key contacts, accreditation history, custom fields, and much more.

Self-Study Import Map legacy data to the online system. Once imported, you can access the historical data from the same dashboard.

Automatic User Sign-up, Approval Management & Intelligent Funneling Users can sign up automatically. Their request will be routed to the proper approver with oversight.

Email Messaging Send one or mass emails to users in the system. This includes template management, personalized email account integration, and tracking.

Management Get alerts and notifications when the system detects conflicts-of-interest.

Dedicated, Expert-Level Support A dedicated support team that stays with your organization from requirements gathering to product launch and beyond

Letters & Certification Management Create, manage, and issue official letters and certificates.

Calendar & Visit Management Plan your onsite or virtual visit and manage all aspects of accreditation deadlines in one master calendar view.

Extensive Management and Configurable Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you integrate 3rd party applications with Jetpack?

Jetpack enables collection, importing, display, and manipulation of 3rd party sources using our Jetpack Core API Library.

Does Jetpack follow a routine schedule for enhancements?

Jetpack follows a steady and frequent upgrade cycle which consists of user feedback, desired feature requests by active clients, and VA’s understanding of accreditation industry needs and its evolution.

Does Jetpack have a user limit or per user license?

Jetpack allows unlimited users.

Does Jetpack allow configurable user roles?

The roles module in Jetpack is fully dynamic allowing you to create any role with access to any modules or sections and the ability to determine micro-level access on any specific page.

Does Jetpack allow Standards integration?

Jetpack is compatible with any standards and includes a dynamic standards builder with many standards already been pre-loaded in the system.

Does Jetpack offer reporting capabilities?

Jetpack has several standard reports available (including annual and benchmark reports), as well as the ability to create custom reports.

Does Jetpack have SSO (Single Sign-On) capability?

SSO is available

Does Jetpack have workflow automation capabilities?

Workflow automation is available throughout Jetpack’s core and client-specific non-core modules.

Is ongoing maintenance and support available?

Yes. VA offers ongoing maintenance and support through our Team360 Enterprise Support service.

The custom application tools that VA designed and developed enable us to perform key daily functions such as survey and data management, on-demand benchmark reporting, and seamless data migration. Having a tool customized to our unique business needs is extremely valuable. We have been and continue to be very satisfied with the product and service that VA provides.

- Jamie Taylor,
Director of Institutional Research, AACP

I have been fortunate to have worked with Virtual Atlantic for 5 years and counting. They are an extremely talented group and have always met our vision. I look forward to our continued relationship in the years to come.

- Major Jonathan Quigley, RCTA

Virtual Atlantic’s team is comprised of dedicated, talented individuals who deliver high quality work in a timely manner. I have used them for several large projects over the last 15 years and they always come up with amazing solutions that solidify our operational vision. I’d like to thank Virtual Atlantic for being a true partner who can handle all of our technology needs.

- Suzanne Golden,
KalGold Consulting

VA's Team360 Enterprise has been an integral part to our development success. Their developers are sharp and the support staff is wonderful. It’s an irreplaceable resource for growing and established businesses.

- Colton Carnevale, COO,
FAST Graphs, Inc.

COAUSPHS is very pleased with the quality of our website created by Virtual Atlantic. The responsive design, clean coding, and easy-to-use CMS will set us up for success into the future. The Virtual Atlantic staff listened to our needs, provided timely responses to our questions, and worked to keep us on deadline. We sought a top-notch web development firm and found it in Virtual Atlantic.

- John E. McElligott, MPH, CPH,
Deputy Executive Director, COAUSPHS

Throughout our project I was very impressed with the skill sets on their team, as well as the manner in which they communicated. Not only were they professional and timely, but their direction helped us create a well-designed and highly functional website on a tight deadline.

- Carolyn Conlon,
Assistant Director of Marketing, Reynolds Community College

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