Umbraco - Content Management System

Cutting-edge functionality that won’t intimidate; married with designs that will.

With more than 400,000 installations, Umbraco is one of the most deployed Web Content Management Systems on the Microsoft stack. It's in the top five most popular server applications, and among the ten most popular open source tools.

A flexible CMS - so you can do things your way

Umbraco is intended to be as simple as possible while giving you the freedom to build the websites, apps or other solutions exactly the way you want. The flexibility is shown in both the way you choose to set-up and structure your projects, but also in the endless ways of how you choose to extend it. It's completely up to you - and who best to know what you need! 

A beautiful user interface to create a smooth workflow

We build software that brings a smile on people’s faces. Proudly originating from the roots of Scandinavian simplicity, we strive to make a User Experience that is designed to optimize the flows of creating and managing your website's content. A focus that makes work more enjoyable and simpler for both Umbraco developers as well as editors. 

Umbraco V8 Backoffice UI

Integrate with anything you need

Part of what makes Umbraco flexible is its extensibility. Extensibility that makes it possible to build and add anything. Whether it’s your e-commerce platform, your CRM, a 3rd party personalization engine or your on-premise legacy business systems - add it to your Umbraco project.

Umbraco’s full API for both frontend and back office allows you to combine these data with great and beautiful content.

Intuitive Editing - get your content out in a simpler and faster manner

With Umbraco you can create anything from simple blog posts to responsive campaign websites all with a User Experience that lets you get the job done fast and with minimal training. 
You’ll be met with what we call “Infinite Editing”.  This is basically integrated workflows that ensure you won't get interrupted in your work by making sure you never lose track of your context. Workflows that have been designed to make it possible for you to create better content, a lot faster.  

Multi-device Previews

Thanks to Umbraco’s unique Responsive Preview, you can not only preview your content before it’s live you can also see how your content will look and feel on different devices. This way you’ll know exactly how your visitors will experience your content whether they view it from a desktop, tablet and phone. And if adjustments are needed go ahead and do them before publishing.

Scheduled Publishing

How about going on holiday or on the road knowing that your site will update itself with new content? Well, not entirely by itself but thanks to scheduled publishing you can prepare news and campaigns ahead of time and tell Umbraco what date and time the content should go live - and even when it should be removed again.

Umbraco V8 Backoffice UI

Work on drafts and publish content when it suits you

If you didn’t get to finish your page but want to save your progress and continue working with it later, that’s no problem at all. In Umbraco you decide whether you want to publish your changes immediately or just save them and publish them at a later time. You can even schedule your new content to replace the existing live content at a specific time, so you don't have to log-in again to publish the new content when it's needed.  

Oh, and you can of course always preview your progress along the way without the content going live. This way you can be absolutely sure that everything looks perfect and works as intended before publishing. 

Versioned Content - an infinite undo button

Worried about making a mistake or losing content? Perhaps you need to work on content that’s already been published? None of the above is a problem as all content in Umbraco is versioned. This means that you can always rollback to an older version. It’s like an infinite undo button - imagine what that’ll do for your stress levels.

Keep a simple overview with the Umbraco Media Library

Content isn’t just text. It’s also photos, documents and videos. And often there’s a lot of this extra type of content to enrich your copy. That’s why we know it’s important for you to have a simple and well-structured depository for all these media. In the Umbraco media library, it’s not just straightforward to add different types of media, it’s also easy for you to create folders in order to keep things categorized and organized, so it’s fast to find what you need, when you need it.

Umbraco V8 Backoffice UI

Umbraco V8 Backoffice UI

Manage multilingual content in Umbraco

A global world calls for multilingual content. In Umbraco, you find a supported set-up for managing and creating multilingual content. This basically means that in your Umbraco 8 project, all content can exist in multiple variations at the same time. Build all the needed content variations in one single content Umbraco project and take advantage of the built-in features that have been designed to make it simpler to update, manage and create multilingual content.

Insightful content companions for your editors

With Content Apps in Umbraco you get content companions to help you create better content. The apps can feed you information and feedback on the content you are creating as well as statistics and results of the impact of the content you have published. They can even bring you suggestions on how to improve your content while you’re creating it. No need to jump to external platforms or checklists to get these insights - you get it directly in Umbraco.

Ensure picture perfection with a single click

Wave goodbye to chopped heads on tablets or missing logos on phones. The built-in Umbraco Image Cropper is a fantastic function that will ensure that your images get presented correctly on whatever device your visitors are using. With the focal point you simply point and click on the most important thing in the image and Umbraco will automatically resize and crop it, so it fits perfectly on any device while ensuring that the most important thing stays in focus. You can even set up default image-sizes in Umbraco so there’s no need to open photoshop before adding an image to your project. Pretty nifty.

Built-in Form Builder - questionnaires and sign-up forms with zero coding

A great website is all about conversions and conversations. This is why Umbraco also features a Form builder. Umbraco Forms makes it a breeze to build anything from simple contact forms to advanced questionnaires on your site - all without any coding.

Simply drag and drop different types of fields and questions and you can start collecting the data that you need from your visitors directly on your site whether you want users to sign up for your newsletter, request a call or give you feedback on your services.

Control how your content looks on social media

Umbraco V8 Backoffice UI

There’s nothing better than seeing your quality content getting shared on social media. It’s even better when you can decide how the social cards on Facebook and Twitter should look and what they should say. This can easily be managed with Umbraco where you can either reuse abstracts and media from your content or have specialized fields for editing the various social cards.  This way you make sure that your communication fits the tone of voice of the various SoMe channels catching the attention of tons more people.

Content management across apps, websites and more

Umbraco is more than a Web CMS. This means that it’s possible for editors to create and manage content for multiple channels and of course reuse content where needed. So, whether you want to write blog posts and news for the web, manage data for a mobile app or promote campaigns on digital signage, Umbraco will deliver.

Prepared for personalization - give your visitors a unique and relevant experience.

Content managed in Umbraco is semantic and not static. This fancy sentence simply means that you can create content that can easily be enriched with taxonomies so the right content can be delivered to the right segments. Whether that’s by location, interests, time or even based on 3rd party segmentation tools.

Great user management - relevant for 1 editor as well as an entire content team

Umbraco scales from a single editor to large content teams. And thanks to its advanced yet intuitive user management features, it’s never been simpler to invite new team members and control what they can do in the system. You decide who should have publishing rights as well as who should be given editing access to certain parts of the content.

And to make it even simpler for you, it can all be managed through groups of users, making maintenance as simple as possible and saving you from spending time on setting up individual permissions every time you get a new team member.

Umbraco V8 Backoffice UI


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