Zip-line - enterprise Ticketing Solution

ZIP-LINE seamlessly connects your website and ticketing software and enhances the customer’s experience

If you’re looking to increase ticket sales though a greatly improved and personalized user experience, or if you’re tired of the functional limitations of your current system, ZIP-LINE E-ticketing solution will be a great fit for your organization.

Virtual Atlantic's ZIP-LINE E-Ticketing Solution is a feature-rich ticketing tool that covers both the front-end web experience as well as an administrative control panel, making it an end-to-end solution. Core features include:

Custom Designed Ticketing Experience

Give users the best ticketing experience they’ve ever had.

Digital or Printed Tickets

Achieve flexibility in ticket delivery.

Admin Control Panel

Edit orders, manage users, track inventory, and adjust special offers and announcements.

Seamless 3rd Party Integration

Import, display, or manipulate information from 3rd party sources.

Point-Of-Sale API Integration

Integrate directly through your already-existing POS


Gain insight into sales data through sophisticated reporting.

Data Export

Export data in a variety of useful formats for analysis or presentation.

Solution Highlights

Gateway Galaxy Integration

Virtual Atlantic’s fully responsive mobile interface integrates seamlessly into Galaxy’s systems and provides full flexibility to customize and conform your marketing strategies and make it easier to complete purchases.

  • Connects seamlessly with Galaxy
  • Eliminates transferring users away from site to complete purchase
  • Complete flexibility with checkout process
  • Unified look and feel of website and ticketing engine
  • Fully mobile responsive user experience
  • Ability to market more merchandising opportunities
  • Drive more traffic to increase sales and conversions
  • Increased search engine optimization
  • Better conversion tracking
  • Abandoned cart functionality


Deployment & Integration Options

Everything you need to get ZIP-LINE up and running.

  • Hosted
  • On-Site
  • Integrate with Your Existing Platform: We can integrate with dozens of third party platforms, including: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, QuickBooks, Salesforce, custom-built software, and other common association management systems.

Customer Support

Get help when you need it.

  • Team 360: Continual access to a team of industry veterans including in subscription.
  • Email: Email support is available 24/7.
  • Phone: Phone support is available during regular business hours, for an additional cost.


Flexible setups to fit your budget and hosting needs.

  • Subscription: Includes updates for the duration of the subscription.

Product Training

Our software is easy to use, and we can assist you in setting it up in line with our best practices.

  • On-Site
  • Remote via Go To Meeting
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