Set your goal, assemble your team, exceed your expectations.

Our Expertise

Web App Design & Development

We solve complex problems by building highly intuitive and functionally rich software experiences. Whether your project is already carefully planned or only loosely articulated, we’ll work with you to design a system that fundamentally changes the way you do business.

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Website Design & Development

We build amazing, powerful, beautiful websites that offer a great user experience and work hard to meet business objectives. Using a variety of powerful platforms, if you can imagine it, we can build it.


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Maintenance & Support

Staying on top of rapidly evolving internet trends takes a lot of work—fortunately, it’s the kind of work we’re passionate about. The entire breadth of our product and service portfolio is offered to you in order to keep your site or app running smoothly well into the future. 

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How Can I Get Started?

It’s as easy as a four-step process, so let us know how we can help! There’s no obligation.

Step 1: Describe Your Needs

Briefly explain the problem(s) that you are trying to solve.
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Step 2: Choose Your Resources

You always have a full team of resources to select from, but some projects might not require all of them

User Experience Designer – A UX Designer is responsible for designing a site or software application in a way that users find enjoyable, useful, or that solves problems.
Software Architect – A software architect is responsible for high-level design decisions regarding complex software systems.
Front-End Developer – A front-end developer is responsible for building HTML/CSS/JS and turning visual designs into fully-functioning websites.
Back-End Developer – A back-end developer is responsible for writing complex code that enable websites and software systems to capture and store information into databases.

Step 3: Choose A Monthly Allocation Of Hours

The more hours you allocate, the greater hourly discount we’re able to offer. And don’t worry, any unused hours roll over to future months so you never lose hours as you are a Team 360 client.

Step 4: Choose A Start Date

We need approximately 7 business days to assemble your team, setup communications, and perform a knowledge transfer before getting started.

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